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Ellen Siminoff
Ellen is the President and CEO of Efficient Frontier, the world’s leading provider of search
engine marketing solutions (SEM). Under her leadership, the Company manages more than
$150 million annually in pay per click (PPC) spend for the Internet’s top search advertisers,
with an aggregate spend under management on Google and Yahoo that is the largest among
all SEM agencies. Ellen was a founding executive team member of Yahoo, where she led
business development (VP, Business Development and Planning), corporate development
(SVP, Corporate Development) and eventually ran the Yahoo small business and entertainment
business units (SVP, Small Business and Entertainment). Prior to the founding of Yahoo,
Ellen worked for the Los Angeles Times as electronic classifieds manager, where she
developed strategy and implemented the newspaper's own online businesses as well as a
joint venture of Career Path with 5 newspaper companies. With her husband, David, Ellen
founded EastNet, a global syndicate barter company distributing television programming to
14 emerging market countries in exchange for advertising time. She graduated Stanford's
Graduate School of Business with an MBA and has a bachelor's degree in Economics from
Princeton University.
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