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Derek Woolverton     Director of Engineering
Derek has directed implementations of distributed systems at a wide range of companies,
from startups to Fortune 100s. His expertise in solving complex communication and data
processing problems, and his authoring and application of high-performance code and well-
developed networking interconnects has underpinned some of Silicon Valley's most
innovative technology companies.
Most recently, Derek lent his experience to IMMI (Integrated Media Measurement Inc.),
developing an integrated media measurement system that links media exposure to consumer
action through a digital monitoring system based on open-architecture cell phones that track
media on a 24/7 basis.
Prior to IMMI, he was chief architect for AdSpace network's proprietary platform for content
and network management, where he led the team in implementing a network for distributing
rich media advertising across wide area networks to all types of digital screens distributed throughout the country.
Derek is a graduate of Caltech.
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