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John S. Bucks     VP Sales and Business Development
John has held executive level management positions for over 10 years focusing on the
strategic processes required to develop and introduce products and services into the US
and Canadian markets. Most recently, Mr. Bucks was at Covad Communications where
he was instrumental in establishing the product development and lifecycle management
processes to support customer engagements of DSL and VoIP network services.
Prior to Covad, Mr. Bucks held management roles within several Fujitsu affiliates where he
managed the introduction of Fujitsu's computing and networking products into the US and
Canadian markets. Mr. Bucks has also served as a consultant to Cisco Systems, where he
audited and streamlined their integration management processes and procedures in support
of the M&A activities with the focus of increasing shareholder value.
Mr. Bucks was a founder of IdeoGraphix, a software development company in Los Angeles,
and co-founder of DMI, an interactive entertainment software company leveraging multimedia
technologies also in Los Angeles where he served as VP of Business Development
Mr. Bucks received his BA from UCLA and MBA from Santa Clara University.
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