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Kieron OShea   CEO
As a senior executive for over 15 years, Kieron has served as strategic advisor to numerous leading-edge technology companies, most recently: TechCrunch, Edgeio, Verseon, Songbird, and as senior strategy advisor to the largest non-executive shareholder at Viacom.
Mr. OShea was the VP of Corporate and Business Development and Senior VP of Strategic Development at Conversagent, renamed Colloquis; the world's leading provider of patented software for developing and hosting interactive agents that run on the Web, IM and wireless networks, acquired by Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT).  Kieron was also an investor and co-founder of ActiveBuddy, creator of SmarterChild, the interactive agent used by millions of Instant Messaging users worldwide.
He is the former CEO of MessagingPoint, the supplier of remotely managed, broad-based IM infrastructure for the enterprise; and principal at Winfield Investment Partners, where he directed early stage investment strategies focused on Internet sector companies. His influence led to the development of Digital Post Office; renamed Critical Path (NASDAQ:CPTH)
Kieron is widely regarded for his role as co-founder and CEO of Providence Systems, creators of Providence Systems/Parental Guidance; acquired by Symantec (NASDAQ:SYMC). He and his team developed the world’s first Internet filtering application that included the breakthrough contribution of the “white list”, which underpins most of the parental controls in use today.
Kieron was among the first appointees to the World Wide Web Consortium (w3C) at MIT and is a graduate of UCLA.
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