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EXAMPLE: Click To Call

Click To Call: Enables calls to (traditional landline,
mobile or VoIP) phones to be initiated by clicking on
hyperlinks inserted onto web pages.
Publishers hyperlink telephone numbers (and/or icons)
that appear on their websites in order to be able to
track communications between their readers and the
advertisers whose data is presented on the publisher's
or its syndication partners' web sites. The ability to
track the path from a click, to a call, is paramount
in being able to manage an effective PFP program.
Click to call allows the user to click on a number (or
icon) and connect to the called party's (landline, mobile
or VoIP) telephone from the (clicking) party's (landline,
mobile or VoIP) telephone. No soft (VoIP) phones are
required for CIRXIT, just click to call. The clicking party
enters their telephone number the first time, afterward
they have no need to re-enter their number again.
Click to call is a cost-effective means for publishers that
syndicate their listings across multiple sites and need to
track participation in their PFP programs.
Click to call supplies business with a plethora of fresh
and exciting new features aimed squarely at generating
untapped revenue for publishers and advertisers alike.
The caller's phone number is stored in an encrypted
form to prevent it from being retrieved from the browser

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