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PFP Advertising is leading the way
PFP (Pay For Performance) advertising is leading the
way in delivering qualified leads to Internet advertisers.
Until 2005, the gold standard for measuring conversion
rates was found in click-through “leads”. With the rise
of local search, and a statistical reality that 65% of U.S.
businesses do not have a web site, publishers have
begun aggressively testing PFP platforms that offer the
potential to encompass every business, both here and
abroad, whether the business has a web presence or
Every business has a telephone. PFP for calls speaks
directly to how the vast majority of businesses transact.
Added to that is the fact that telephone calls convert
into transactions up to 25 times more frequently than do
clicks to URLs. Telephony-based PFP is a revenue
engine that is warming up in every publishers garage.
In this new frontier, CIRXIT leapt ahead with advanced
PFP platforms architected from the ground up for broad
based deployment across a multiplicity of applications.
Its PFP engine for telephone leads allows web-hosted
phone numbers to be called "pay per call", or clicked
"click to call", to initiate, measure, track and report
upon all calls made between consumers and vendors.

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