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CIRXIT is the technology leader
CIRXIT hosts the most scalable and reliable web-
enabled telephony service in the world. Its call (audio)
quality and (clean) number assurance are unrivaled in
the industry. The hallmarks of its advanced technology
are offshoots of a new architecture designed from the
ground up to support very low operational and upgrade
costs, enable quick, simple and seamless integrations
into the client networks of CIRXIT's local to global
customers and support cost structures conducive to
broad deployment across a wide variety of applications
and services.
As a preferred provider of web-telephony solutions to
some of the Internet's leading (IYP) and local search
companies, CIRXIT has supported national roll-outs of
pay per call and click to call PFP programs for over 2
years. Its mission, to complement and empower the
businesses of its customers has made it the default
choice of publishers seeking feature-rich pay per call
infrastructure that will not serve to disintermediate
publishers from their customers -the advertisers.
CIRXIT's carrier-grade services supply publishers with
the ability to appeal to a much broader segment of
advertisers and its simple integration, enables them to
convert more listings into advertisers, generating more
revenue and supplying more leads for their advertisers.

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