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CIRXIT‘s proprietary, carrier-grade Internet service has been supporting seamless integrations of telephony and the web for its
customers since 2003. The Company’s rapid deployment architecture has been used by a number of customers to quickly and
easily roll-out, provision and support national pay-for-performance (PFP) programs underpinned with CIRXIT’s pay per call and
click to call platform technologies. The up-time (availability), call quality and (clean) number availability measured in these
programs has exceeded every benchmark applied to web-enabled telephony since the first commercial release of CIRXIT in
2003. The CIRXIT platform has advanced in many areas and now includes a suite of branding tools that foster shorter sales
cycles between publishers and their advertisers and non-advertisers alike.
CIRXIT is not an advertising network. It does not disintermediate the publisher from their advertiser. CIRXIT supplies high-
value Internet services, such as pay per call and click to call, priced for broad-based deployment across a multiplicity of
applications and services. The Company’s (toll-free and local number) pay per call platforms and advanced click to call
solutions support its customers with feature-rich infrastructure that connects, manages, tracks, and reports upon every call
made to an advertiser’s businesses, whether made as a result of a click in the browser, or a person dialing a toll-free or local
number, via a (landline, mobile or VoIP) telephone. CIRXIT is the single source for one-stop shopping for advanced pay per call
and click to call infrastructure.
CIRXIT supplies the lowest cost, most advanced, pay per call and click to call technologies in the world.  ...discover more
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