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Why select
CIRXIT's great leap came as a result of rethinking
how high quality web-enabled telephony, delivered
on a global scale, could be broadly deployed. The
company spent 2 years testing architectures that
would support its vision. The results speak for
themselves. CIRXIT delivers web-enabled telephony
with the highest availability in the marketplace. Its
service scales faster and broader than any individual
company's web-enabled telephony platform. Its audio
quality is unrivaled and its proprietary number cleansing
technologies found in its pay per call products are
unequalled. Its customers utilize an easy access portal
for number provisioning and account management,
and/or its highly flexible XML-over-http(s) direct feeds
that snap-on to CIRXIT customers native environments.
CIRXIT's application of stateless, open standards-
based interfaces makes it effortless to engage, simple
to manage and rewarding to populate.
How can CIRXIT be so inexpensive?
CIRXIT’s architecture supports an operationally efficient
platform for maintaining its patent-pending carrier-grade
capacities. Its operational and upgrade costs allow
CIRXIT an unmatched pricing elasticity unsustainable in
a traditional web-enabled telephony infrastructure.
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