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 Company Overview

CIRXIT‘s proprietary, carrier-grade infrastructure has been supplying high-value Internet services, such as pay per call and
click to call to a wide variety of customers since 2003.
CIRXIT is not an advertising network. Its aim is not to disintermediate the publisher from their customer - their advertisers.
CIRXIT’s (toll-free and local number) pay per call platforms and advanced click to call services support the customer with a
feature-rich infrastructure that connects, communicates, manages, tracks, and reports upon every call made to an advertiser’s
businesses, whether made as a result of a click in the browser, or a person dialing a toll-free or local number, via a (landline,
mobile or VoIP) telephone. CIRXIT is the single source for one-stop shopping for advanced pay per call  and click to call
infrastructure. …discover more.
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