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 Increase Your Business
Every business that has a telephone can participate
and profit!
CIRXIT's proprietary branding tools are designed with
a single objective in mind; to assist the publisher in
converting their listings of non-advertisers' into PFP
advertisers. Web-enabled telephony, properly applied
can increase your advertising base by 100% and more.
Pay Per Phone Call    Provides toll-free and local
phone numbers provisionable to ring to your advertisers
telephone (landline, mobile, or VoIP) phones. All calls
made to these overlay telephone numbers are tracked,
measured and reported upon for effective Pay-For-
(PFP) relationships.    …discover more
Click To Call    Enables calls to (traditional landline,
mobile or VoIP) phones to be initiated by clicking on
hyperlinks inserted onto web pages. Publishers
hyperlink telephone numbers (and/or icons) that appear
on their websites in order to be able to track
communications between the publisher’s readers and
advertisers. The ability to track the path from a click to a
call is paramount in being able to provide an effective
PFP program.    …discover more
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