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Louis Monier
Google’s Larry Page recently hired Chief Troublemaker at Google, Louis Monier away from his position as Director of Advanced Research at eBay. As an eBay Fellow, Louis’ many
contributions include re-architecting eBay’s mission-critical search infrastructure, which
currently matches Google’s in query volume. Prior to eBay, Dr. Monier was CTO of BigVine,
the B2B barter transaction marketplace funded by Kleiner Perkins, American Express,
Carlyle Group, KKR, RRE Ventures, Texas Pacific Group, Sanford Robertson and Bernard
Arnault’s . Louis contributions to the history of the Internet include his role as
the founder and CTO of Altavista, where he developed one of the world’s most popular and
powerful Internet search engines, and his role in spearheading the machine translation of
Babel Fish. Dr. Monier holds numerous patents in the field of Internet search technology
and has held positions on the staff at Carnegie Mellon, Xerox PARC and Digital Equipment’s
DEC research lab, where his mandate was, “to invent the future”. Louis holds a Ph.D. in
mathematics and computer science from Orsay University of Paris.
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