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Stephan DeRodeff    SVP Product Development
Stephan has over 25 years of high technology engineering and business management
experience. As VP Broadband Technologies for Covad Communications he led network
engineering, architecture and operations for Covad's nationwide broadband access and
VoIP products. He has led the engineering and operations teams for a number of startups
in Silicon Valley, driving successful development of the companies' first products.
As VP Product Development at Oracle, he was responsible for the creation of a vertical
industry organization for Communications & Utilities. There he developed and released
multiple products including a Unified Messaging System which provided mobile and Web
access to voice, fax and e-mail; a capital resource logistics management system; a
Marketing Campaign Management System; a network service activation product; a Number
Portability Gateway for Local Service Order Administration and Service Management; and
a Customer Service application.
Stephan also held several senior technical management positions at USWEST, where he
was responsible for the design, development and deployment of an outside plant facilities
management system for network engineering and network operations and was Program
Director for Multimedia, Wireless and Advanced Network Services products, developing
next generation broadband and interactive multimedia products including VOD and AIN
applications, video gateway and operational support systems
He holds a patent for a Multi-User Digital Services Home Gateway: an innovative home
network gateway that allows multiple devices such as TV's, PC's, to independently select
and send or receive digital video, audio and data. Stephan received his BS in Electrical
Engineering from MIT.
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